5 student researchers improving the lives of children


Each semester, the Case Western Reserve University community gathers at our Intersections research symposium to celebrate the accomplished student researchers who are advancing knowledge in their fields even as they pursue their undergraduate degrees. It’s an important part of our students’ college experience—after all, 86% of CWRU undergraduates participate in research and creative endeavors. 

Our student researchers are looking into some of the most important questions across the sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts, human health and other fields. Among them are several who received funding from the university to advance the well-being of children and adolescents locally and around the world through CWRU’s Schubert Center for Childhood Studies.  

Among the Schubert@Intersections projects presented this spring were these award-winning presentations: 

  • How Adverse Childhood Experiences Impact Individuals Later in Life
  • Prognosis Associated Tumor Immune Signatures in Pediatric Neuroblastoma
  • Investigating Adverse Childhood Experiences and Schizotypy in Adults
  • Reusable Pediatric Pulse Oximeter
  • Old Versus New Version of a Test of Articulation: Similarities and Differences

Ready to contribute new knowledge to your field, and affect lives along the way? We’re ready for you.