Meet a few (of the many) business professors you’ll get to know

At Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, you will learn from some of the nation’s leading business scholars and leaders.

Because of Weatherhead’s small class sizes, these leaders and scholars—your business faculty—will get to know you well. 

That will take you far, with letters of recommendation and connections in the field. 

Lakshmi Balasubramanyan

Held roles at Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, co-founder of FinTechnova, LLC and an ardent supporter of female entrepreneurship and representation of women in the field of finance and financial analytics.

Teaches Financial Modeling, Analysis and Decision Making (class size: 32)

Timothy Fogarty

With more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals, he is among the most prolific authors of scholarly research in accounting worldwide.

Teaches Income Tax: Concepts, Skills and Planning (class size: 26) and Legal Environment of Management (class size: 14)

Somali Ghosh

Previously served in the Indian Civil Services under the Ministry of Finance for the government of India and was part of the elite team of economists responsible for formulating India’s Five-Year plans.

Teaches Marketing Management (class size: 37) and Brand Management (class size: 37)

Jenny Hawkins

Researcher focused on topics in industrial organization and law and economics using both theoretical and empirical analyses. A favorite faculty member among CWRU students, in 2019 she was awarded both of CWRU’s highest awards for teaching and mentoring.

Teaches Principles of Microeconomics (class size: 57) and Economic Analysis of Business Strategies (class size: 32)

Jennifer Johnson

Has more than 35 years of management consulting experience, including positions at Accenture and as head of her own consulting practice.

Teaches Action Learning, the business capstone class where students serve as real consultants for local and national businesses (class size: 40)

Christopher Laszlo

Author of award-winning books on Sustainability and Flourishing Enterprise published by Stanford University Press, he helped develop the concept of sustainable value, which reframes sustainability as business opportunity.

Teaches an advanced seminar, Sustainability For Strategic Advantage (class size: 15)

Scott Shane

Is the Weatherhead School’s most highly cited faculty member and runs a venture capital firm that hires CWRU students as interns. His research identified a gene associated with entrepreneurship and how investor brains respond to founder pitches.

Teaches Entrepreneurial Finance (class size: 45); Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation (class size: 28); and Economics of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (class size: 19)

John Paul Stephens

Accomplished researcher investigating positive organizational scholarship, with a focus on how our work relationships and teamwork can be shaped in inherently positive or virtuous ways.

Teaches Managing Negotiations (class size: 35)