Engineering + business: Bringing new ideas to market

Evelin Urbancsok portrait

Are you a business-minded engineer? Or a future business leader with an eye for innovation? 

Either way you see it, engineering and business easily go hand-in-hand. (And at CWRU, you can study both!) How else can the world benefit from the new ideas and products that engineers create without strong businesses to bring them to the masses?

That’s the plan for Case Western Reserve University sophomore Evelin Urbancsok (pictured here), a biomedical engineering major with an intention to study business as a minor. Her goal is to launch a business where “exciting, innovative, science-related projects come to life.”

CWRU makes it easy to study across disciplines. That’s because when you’re admitted to CWRU, you’re admitted to the whole university, not just a particular school or major. So along with her coursework that spans the business and engineering realms, Evelin already is finding plenty of other opportunities at CWRU to make her plans come to life.

She’s part of the inaugural cohort of CWRU Veale Snyder Fellows, an entrepreneurship program for undergraduates. Fellows participate in a wide range of entrepreneurial education and experiences, including credit-bearing courses, a summer internship program and chances to immerse themselves in start-up culture. 

She’s also involved in CWRU’s PRISE Program, which provides women-aligned students with support to pursue entrepreneurship during their undergraduate years. The program’s founder describes the opportunity as a “chance to uncover the next Marie Curie.” 

When new ideas meet new business plans, exciting things happen for our world. At CWRU, you’ll be ready to make it happen.