How to take your learning outside the classroom

CWRU Senior Badar Kayani's research work from this summer is saving lives.

At Case Western Reserve University, we are all-in on experiential learning that enhances your education. And our students make the most of it—99% of our undergraduates complement their coursework with internships, co-ops, research, creative endeavors, study abroad, community service and the like. 

That’s because we make sure hands-on learning is not only available, but also easily accessible

The Experiential Education Database is a central hub of sortable and filterable opportunities where students pinpoint the types of engagements they are looking for. 

Advising on experiential learning, however, goes far beyond digital tools. 

CWRU students connect regularly with their navigator, a professional staff member who is by their side for their entire CWRU education. Navigators help our students define their goals, and identify ways and means to achieve them. When the time comes, too, your navigator will help you communicate your learning in the classroom and beyond on your resume and graduate school applications. 

At CWRU, you will think (and go) beyond the possible.