Civic Engagement Scholars

The Civic Engagement Scholars Program is coordinated by the Center for Civic Engagement & Learning and endorsed by Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder. This initiative is designed to promote meaningful community engagement through service, education, and reflection.

Three Civic Engagement Scholars at a Reception with Case Western Reserve University President, Barbara Snyder

Program Goals

  • To create an experiential learning program that promotes active citizenship, responsible engagement, and allows students to develop a deeper understanding of community issues
  • To foster connections between students at Case Western Reserve University and members of the Greater Cleveland community
  • To create mutually beneficial opportunities for student volunteers to engage in meaningful community service activities with local agencies and nonprofit organizations
  • To recognize students who perform outstanding service

Students apply to participate in the Civic Engagement Scholars program at the beginning of the academic year. They commit to completing at least 50 community service hours during the academic year while also attending educational programs about community and social issues and reflecting on their experiences.

Program Requirements

  • Service: Complete a minimum of 50 community service hours with at least 20 hours at one nonprofit, school or public agency in the Cleveland area.
  • Education: Attend a total of 4 educational programs that enhance understanding related to civic engagement and social justice.
  • Reflection: Complete written reflections about different aspects of the scholars experience

Learn more about the program requirements.

Students who meet the program's criteria will receive a Certificate of Distinguished Service issued by President Barbara R. Snyder. Scholars who complete the program requirements are also invited to attend a special recognition ceremony celebrating their achievement with President Snyder.

Applications open at the beginning of the fall semester. For more information about becoming a Civic Engagement Scholar, please refer to the program requirements or FAQ page