How you’ll get there from here

Science and Pre-Med students in lab

While your academic achievements can advance your scientific knowledge, you’ll need a special mix of experience and insider know-how to prepare for your life’s work.

At Case Western Reserve University, you’ll find hands-on preparation paired with mentorship from the very beginning.

  • Guidance: Even before you arrive on Case Western Reserve’s campus, we’ll work individually with you to refine your path. Every student has a navigator—your go-to person who stays with you your entire time here, helping you start your first year off right and accessing resources and opportunities that advance your goals.
  • Practice: Our prime location at the center of three world-renowned hospitals—University HospitalsCleveland ClinicCleveland VA Medical Center and a fourth just a few miles from campus, MetroHealthoffer unparalleled early access to real-world clinical exposure and research.
  • And speaking of research: As early as your first semester, our undergraduate research office links you to research projects across the community and within the university, including the School of Medicine—the 24th-ranked medical school in the nation. CWRU undergraduates routinely appear as authors on papers published in top scientific journals.

I’m so excited for you to take your first step. From here: med school, grad school, career are all in plain sight.