Latest Dean's Message
Stan Gerson

I am pleased to announce that Marvin Nieman, PhD, has been appointed as the first Vice Dean for Graduate Education for the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Elevating oversight of graduate programs has been a priority, given the number of students, the breadth of programs and the opportunity of the school to be at the cutting edge of graduate training and career development in biomedicine. I am delighted Dr. Nieman will assume this responsibility.

Student Spotlight

Caitlyn Gillespie

In June of 2011, Caitlyn Gillespie had a spinal fusion to fix the curvature of her spine due to scoliosis. One nurse went above and beyond to make sure she was recovering and was as comfortable as possible. That nurse’s support and love for her job resonated with Gillespie long after her hospital stay—and it fueled her passion for healthcare.