Kickstart your career as a business leader

Business student in suit and glasses with one hand on his chin

Are you ready to put your education into action? At Case Western Reserve University, our clubs and organizations are shaping students into business leaders.

Join one of our organizations, from Women in Business to the Weatherhead Fund. You’ll meet industry-leading professionals and start building a network. You'll run a real business and manage real funds—all before graduation!

Our students show the kind of resume with impressive credentials that companies want to see, like the ability to motivate teams to reach organizational goals. Most of them start work earning $70-$75k.

Study business at CWRU for an experience that will build your leadership skills. You have 200+ organizations to choose from, and we’re always here to help if you’d like to start a new one.

Your journey towards becoming an influential business leader starts now. I can't wait to witness the impact you will make on the world.