Neuroscience and music major on her way to med school

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When you set your sights on a career in science or medicine, you know you’re in for a rewarding and challenging field.

After your time at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll be fully prepared to embrace all that your career path has in store.

We talked with 2022 graduate Sophie Kushman (pictured here) about her time at CWRU studying neuroscience and music and her next steps. It’s safe to say she’s on the road to achieving her goals.

Why study science and arts? 

  • “I chose to study neuroscience because the brain is a miraculous yet mysterious organ that governs how humans behave. To understand how such a wide range of behaviors, both normal and pathological, could be produced by the neurons of the nervous system and electrochemical interactions was fascinating to a pre-med student like me. I chose to keep pursuing music because of the amazing joint program here with the Cleveland Institute of Music that enabled me to take conservatory violin lessons and music theory, as well as work with members of the Cleveland Orchestra!”

Pro tip: When you’re admitted to CWRU, you’re admitted to all 100+ areas of study. Music is the only exception. It does require an audition.

What is the one thing you’d like to share with incoming students? 

  • “Don’t be afraid to get out there and engage with your professors even in the first semester! That is a wonderful way to find research that you are passionate about and learn more about how you can do well at CWRU.”

Pro tip: Undergraduate research opportunities at CWRU are everywhere. More than 80% of CWRU students work on research. Your navigator can help connect you with research opportunities, and much more, including study abroad options, shadowing, volunteering and other experiences that will expand your mind and look great on your resume and med school application.

What’s next for you?

  • “I am planning to attend medical school after gaining more clinical experience by becoming a medical scribe for a year while volunteering. Currently, I am thinking of becoming a neurosurgeon or pediatric neurologist.”

Pro tip: CWRU is an excellent choice to prepare for medical school. 64% of CWRU undergrads who applied to medical school in the last 5 years were accepted. (The national average is 42% acceptance rate to medical school, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges)