The stepping stones to your business goals

When you study business at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, your experience snowballs into career success. 

Take senior finance major Sasha Sindhwani (pictured here) for example.

Sasha Sindhwani sitting in front of a window

When students around the country were losing out on internships because of the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, CWRU’s Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship rallied to create remote opportunities that paired students with startups. That’s how Sasha got her first internship—working in private equity with MCM Capital.

And her opportunities escalated from there.

“Showing that I understood how the industry works overall, how the money flows, and how the buy-side thinks was especially important,” she says.   

Sasha soon became the president of The Weatherhead Fund, a student organization that manages a portion of the university’s endowment. (The organization has grown its initial investment of $100K to over $900K since 2011.) 

She also landed an internship at Guggenheim Partners. She stood out at her internship and has already accepted a full-time job there when she graduates this spring. She’ll join their team as an investment banking analyst within their Private Equity Advisory Group. (Imagine that—a full-time job lined up before you’re even halfway through senior year!)

“Weatherhead Fund, the remote internship program and my coursework overall prepared me quite well for the role in investment banking I have recently accepted. Managing so many different tasks, clear communication with a team … as well as managing projects and timelines for others through CWRU has played a large role in my professional and academic capacity and trajectory,” Sasha says.

Each step of your CWRU experience will be a step toward your future. A step to your next great thing. A step toward achieving your goals.