4 science and pre-med majors on why they chose CWRU

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Why do future scientists and doctors choose Case Western Reserve University? Research opportunities. A renowned medical community. And much more.


Find out why these current students chose CWRU.

“CWRU provides me with access to two of the largest hospital systems (University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic), a plethora of volunteering opportunities, chances to get involved in undergraduate research, and a collaborative learning environment conducive to the needs of every student. Truly, CWRU provides the ultimate pre-med experience!”

Emily Muñoz, Junior
Major: Biology (pre-med track)
Minors: Chemistry and Spanish

“I applied to CWRU because of the incredible medical community in Cleveland, the exciting extracurricular and experiential education opportunities available at the university, and the strong education CWRU offers.”

Mike Komarovsky, Senior 
Major: Physiology (pre-med track)
Minors: Bioethics and medical humanities, chemistry and psychology

“CWRU gave me the chance to have a serious, hands-on, research-based science education, and the collaboration with Cleveland Institute of Music allowed me to get a world-class music education. I also fell in love with the student body and the campus.”

Olivia Laniak, Junior
Majors: Chemical Biology and Music

“I chose CWRU because of the immense opportunities students have here! Within my first month of living on campus, I was able to find work in a clinical research lab and have since then been able to shadow, volunteer and even work in multiple hospitals. As a prospective medical student, that was the most I could have ever wanted from my university.”

Nicole Palmer, Senior
Major: Biochemistry and Master's of public health
Minors: Chemistry and bioethics

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