Our nursing students know what patients need

CWRU Fourth-Year Nursing Student Hayley Devine

Case Western Reserve University nursing students spend almost twice as much time in clinical experiences than the national average (starting their very first semester). All that time at the bedside means our nurses are particularly well-equipped to understand patients and respond to their needs.

So when University Hospitals (UH) here in Cleveland held a virtual Nursing Research and Innovation Day for nurses and nursing students to share their ideas for technological advancements for patient care, senior Hayley Devine already knew what was needed.

Hayley won the top prize with her design for a remote control to help non-verbal patients communicate with staff, filling a need she saw as a nurse assistant at UH Seidman Cancer Center. As the first-place winner, she has the chance now to work with Philips Healthcare to develop her idea further.

Read more about the competition.

“This was an idea I had for a bit,” Hayley says. “I’m excited to see it move forward and potentially be used in hospitals across the country.”

Don’t just see the need... fill the need. That’s the stuff you will find from a top nursing education at CWRU’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.