Pre-med, business major shares research on the world’s stage

 Manav Midha

“While a doctor can make a tremendous impact one patient at a time, policymakers can effect change on the order of millions. I want to help connect these worlds that feel so disparate right now.”

— CWRU economics and pre-med student Manav Midha, 2023

When Case Western Reserve University rising junior Manav Midha learned that any major can be a path to medical school, he chose to study economics on the pre-med track.

Working with his mentor Mark Votruba, chair of economics at CWRU’s Weatherhead School of Management, Manav designed a research study that showed that chemotherapy may not be the best treatment for certain brain cancer patients because it decreases their quality of life for very little survival benefit and considerable financial costs. 

He is now sharing his findings with physicians around the world, with a presentation at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting this summer.

Read more about his work.

When he’s not conducting research, Manav also is a member of CWRU’s Academic Integrity Board, Undergraduate Student Government, the Naach Di CWRU dance competition and Spartan Bhangra dance team. He’s also currently conducting research in the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Cancer-focused Summer Undergraduate Research program.

Mentorship ➕ research ➕ student organization leadership. That’s the CWRU experience.