The Society for Critical Exchange

About the SCE

Board of Directors

The Society for Critical Exchange, Inc.
Founded 1975; Incorporated 1976

Guilford House
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH 44106-7117
Phone: 216-368-2176
Fax: 216-368-4367

Board of Directors

       Term ending 31 December 2008
Jay Clayton, English, Vanderbilt University
Kunal Parker, Law, Cleveland State University and Princeton
Adrian Johns, History, University of Chicago

      Term ending 31 December 2006
Nancy Armstrong, English and Comparative Literature, Brown         University
Lisa Maruca, Interdisciplinary Studies, Wayne State University
Jack Amariglio, Economics, Merrimack College

         Term ending 31 December 2007
Gerald Graff, English, University of Illinois at Chicago

Past Presidents
Ralph Cohen, Barbara Herrnstein Smith, Richard Ohmann, Edward Said, Stanley Fish and Jane Tompkins (c0-presidents), Nancy Armstrong, Susan Stewart, Jerome McGann

Executive Director
Martha Woodmansee, English, Case Western Reserve University

Associate Director
Kurt Koenigsberger, English, Case Western Reserve University

Website, Assistant to the Directors
Nicholas Petzak, English, Case Western Reserve University



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