The Society for Critical Exchange
2001 MLA Panels
2001 MLA Convention
(27-30 December, New Orleans, Louisiana

As an affiliated organization of the MLA, the SCE has two standing panels at each annual convention. Usually, SCE programs grow out of continuing projects that Society members pursue. One of this year's sessions revisits an early SCE project, Men in Feminism. The other explores one of the trademark cultural products of New Orleans, the MLA's host city this year - jazz.

The presenters - and in the case of "Writing Jazz," the papers - for each of these panels are listed below. Because the SCE attempts to devote conference panels to discussion rather than merely to presentation, we hope to make summaries of the papers available soon.

For the original calls-for-papers, click here.

Thursday, 27 December 2001
8:45-10:00 p.m.
Men in Feminism Revisited:
A Roundtable Discussion
Salon 817 & 821, Sheraton
Presider: Sally Ann Robinson, Texas A&M University
  Judith Kegan Gardiner, University of Illinois Chicago
Marlon Bryan Ross, University of Virginia
Robyn Wiegman, Duke University

Saturday, 29 December 2001
10:15-11:30 a.m.
Writing Jazz
Nottoway, Sheraton
Presider: Mark Osteen, Loyola College
(1) "Improvisation as Idiomatic, Ethic, and Harmolodic"
Timothy S. Murphy, University of Oklahoma
(2) "Recent Shifts in Racialized Jazz Discourse"
Janice L. McNeil, George Mason University

"'Eternal Jazz': Jazz Historiography and the Persistence of the Resurrection Myth"
John P. McCombe, University of Dayton

Respondent: Mark Osteen, Loyola College
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