The Society for Critical Exchange
2004 MLA Panel
2004 MLA Convention
(27-30 December, Philadelphia

As an affiliated organization of the MLA, the SCE has one or two standing panels at each annual convention. Usually, SCE programs grow out of continuing projects that Society members pursue.

The presenters and the papers for the panels are listed below. Because the SCE attempts to devote conference panels to discussion rather than merely to presentation, we will make summaries of the papers available around 1 December 2004.

For the original calls-for-papers, click here.

Cognitive Disability and Textuality: Autism and Fiction
Presiding: Mark Osteen, Loyola C.
(1) "Resolution of Appreciation for Susan Stewart's Service as President of the Society for Critical Exchange, 2002-04"
Kurt Koenigsberger, Case Western Reserve U.
(2) "Theory of Mind, Autism, and Fiction"
Lisa Zunshine, U. of Kentucky

"Bartleby, Presence, Pleasure, and Autistic Preference" Stuart Murray, U. of Leeds

"Alterity and Autism: Mark Haddon's Curious Incident in the Neurological Spectrum"
James Berger, Hofstra U.

Respondent: Kristina Chew, Seton Hall U.

Shadowing Film Noir : Hollywood's Political Unconscious

Thursday, 30 December 2004

Presiding: Julie Grossman, Le Moyne C
"A Touch of Yellow in Film Noir"
Sheng-mei Ma, Michigan State U.
"'Queer Eye' for a 'Straight Dick': Contextualized Homosexuals in Film Noir"
Scott F. Stoddart, Marymount Manhattan C.
"Face Plates: T-Men , Counterfeiting, and Noir Representation"
Mark Osteen, Loyola C.

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