The Society for Critical Exchange
1991 Midwest Modern Language Association Panels

Cultural Studies and Pedagogy
The New Economic Criticism


Cultural Studies and Pedagogy
Chairs: Anne Balsamo (Georgia Tech) and Deborah Jacobs (Drake)
1. "Survey and Discipline: Teaching Literature in the Context of Cultural Studies," John Mowitt, U of Minnesota
2. "Cultural Studies as Critical Intervention," Michael Greer, Illinois State U
3. "Cultural Studies and Pedagogy," Susan Ritchie, Ohio State U
4.  "Curricula as Counter-Memory: African-Centered Education and the Problem of U.S. National Historiography, Jocelyn Cohen, U of Minnesota
Respondent: David Shumway, Carnegie Mellon U
The New Economic Criticism
Coordinator: Sharon L. Quiroz, U of Michigan
1. "Market Aesthetics: Standardization, Individuation, Proliferation," James P. Carson, Kenyon C
2. "Between Disciplines: What Economists have Learned from Us. What We can Learn from Economists," Marguerite S. Murphy, Bentley C and Brian Cooper, Harvard U
3. "Money Changes Everything," Christina Crosby, Wesleyan U
Respondent: Mark Osteen, Loyola College (MD)

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