The Society for Critical Exchange
1994 Midwest Modern Language Association Panels
Woman, Nation, Narrative
Intellectual Property and the Construction of Authorship


Competing Identities: Gender, Religion and the State
Organized by the Woman, Nation, Narrative project
1. "Competing Identities: New Formations in Hispanic Cultures," Roberta Salper (Penn State, Erie)
2. "The body of Woman in the Imagin(ed)--nation of Political Discourse," Suijala Singh (SUNY, Stony Brook)
3. "Cynthia Ozick and the Invention of Memory," Peter Powers (George Mason)
4. "Women, Nation, State in the Popular Hindi Film," Jyotika Vird (Oregon)
5. "Reading Split Identities Across the Borders in Ngugi's A River Between,"
6. Moushumi Roychoudhury (Rice)
7. "Not Every Dread a Rasta, Not Every Rasta Dread: Black Women, Dreadlocks, and Rastafarianism," Adenike Davidson (Maryland)
8. "'American' Missionary Women, Egyptology, and the Race of 'True' Womanhood," Malini Schueller (Florida)
9. "Indian Nationalism and Gender Hegemony: Caste and Gender in Shanta Rameshwar Rao's 'Children of God,'" Purnima Bose (Indiana)
Discussant: Amy Ghaemghanani (Maryland)
Cultures of Authorship: New Perspectives on Plagiarism
Organized by the Intellectual Property and the Construction of Authorship project
Chairs: Martha Woodmansee and Peter Jaszi
1. "Contaminatio: Plagiarism in the Ancient World," Marianina Olcott (San Jose SU)
2. "Property, Play, and Plagiarism," Keith Aoki (Law, Oregon)
3. "The Problem of Plagiarism in Research Essays" Marguerite H. Helmers (Wisconsin, Oshkosh)
4. "Plagiarism and Other Intellectual Crimes: A Survey of Composition Textbooks" and Katherine Lehtola (CWRU)

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