The Society for Critical Exchange
1997 Midwest Modern Language Association Panels
Cultures of Writing
Following the successful inaugural Cultures of Writing confernece, the SCE's panels at the 1997 MMLA were devoted to further exploration of the topic, and were co-chaired by Larry Needham and Max Thomas.


Cultures of Writing I: Inscription
1. "Reading Rogues and Valuing Vagabonds: City Handbooks and the Construction of Hegemony in Early Modern London," Craig Dionne, Eastern Michigan University
2. "Inventing London," Crystal Bartolovich, Syracuse University
3. "Book, Archive, Net: Layered Technologies Creating 17th Century. Quaker Women," Katie King, University of Maryland
Discussant: Max Thomas, University of Iowa
Cultures of Writing II: Implementation
1. "Ideologies in Business Writing Instruction: An Historical Perspective", Mike Rectenwald, Carnegie Mellon University
2. "CommonSpace(tm) in Uncommon Spaces: Interrogating Collaborative Writing Software," Kevin LaCamera, CWRU
Larry Needham, Lakeland CC
Cultures of Writing III: Sites
1. "Students in/of Print Culture: the History of the Book in the Nontraditional Classroom," Lisa Maruca, Wayne State University
2. "Writing and Reading the New York Review of Books in the 1960s," Monique Dufour, Syracuse University
3. "Satirizing Print," Christopher Flint, University of Michigan
Discussant: Anuradha Needham, Oberlin College

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