The Society for Critical Exchange
Autism and Representation:
Writing, Cognition, Disability
October 28-30, 2005
Cleveland, OH


Original Call for Papers
Participants Notes
Paper Abstracts

All papers to be available and circulated in advance.

For the duration of the conference, the following films are available for viewing near the registration area in room A62, where you'll also find the book exhibits and coffee service on Saturday and Sunday:

Autism is a World
My Life as an Autistic Boy

Friday October 28
Sessions held in Gund School of Law Moot Court, room A59. Coffee available at Schticks (second floor of Law School), Arabica, or Starbucks.

4:00-5:30 pm Panel 1: Screening Autism
Chair: Angela Ciccia, Case Western Reserve U.
1. "Recognizing Jake: Contending with Spectacularized Representations of Autism."
Anthony D. Baker, Tennessee Tech. U.
2. "Autism in Indian Cinema: Cultural Representations of Disability."
Sudha Rai, U of Rajasthan
3. "Filming the Self: Self-Narration and Film for Children with Autism."
Kristen Loutensock, Berkeley, CA

5:30-7:30 Break for dinner; conferees on their own.

7:30 Plenary 1: Stuart Murray, U. of Leeds: "Hollywood and the Fascination of Autism"
Introduced by Mark Osteen, Loyola C.

9:15-10:30 Reception
Provided by SCE in Blackacre room


Saturday October 29
Coffee service provided by Marigold, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m in Gund A62. Sessions held in Gund A59.

8:30-10 Panel 2: Diagnosing Autism
Chair: Peter Whitehouse, Case Western Reserve U.
1. "From Disorders of Affect to Mindblindness: Framing the History of Autism Spectrum Disorders."
Chloe Silverman, Cornell U.
2. "Bettelheim, Rimland, and the Rhetoric of Science"
James Arnt Aune and Denise Jodlowski, Texas A&M U.
3. "Constructing Autism."
Majia Holmer Nadesan, Arizona St. U.
4. "Mindblindness: The Problem of Empathy in the Representation of Autism."
Ann Jurecic, Princeton U.

10:15-11:45 Panel 3: Autistic Aesthetics
Chair: Sara Waller, Case Western Reserve U.
1. "Redefining Creativity: Autism and the Imagination."
Bruce Mills, Kalamazoo C.
2. "Human, but More So: What the Autistic Brain Tells Us About the Process of Narrative."
Matthew Belmonte, U of Cambridge
3. "Autism and Modernism: An Inquiry into Aesthetics."
Patrick MacDonagh, Concordia U.
4. "Asperger's Syndrome and the Gender of Genius."
Nancy Bombaci, Mitchell C.

12-1:15 Lunch
Provided by Marigold in Blackacre

1:30-3 Plenary 2: Michael Turnheim: "Representation and Time in Autism"
Introduced by Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve U.

3:15-4:45 Panel 4: Autist Autobiography
Chair: Jonathan Sadowsky, Case Western Reserve U.
1. "Autistic Autobiography-Introducing the Field."
Irene Rose, U. of Manchester
2. "Transforming Memoir: The Performance of the Self in Three Memoirs of Autism."
Debra Cumberland, Winona State U.
3. "No Search, No Subject? Autism and the American Conversion Narrative."
James T. Fisher, Fordham U.
4. "From 'Refrigerator Mothers' to 'Mommie Wyrdest': Autism's Refiguring of Maternal Roles."
Sheryl Stevenson, U of Akron

5-7 Buffet dinner/reception
Provided by Marigold in Blackacre

7:30-9 Reading Autism: Poetry and Creative Non-fiction
1. From Radiance and Ordinary Life: poetry by Barbara Crooker
2. "Family Resemblance," from My Brother's Keeper, by Erika Nanes
3. From One of Us: A Family's Life with Autism, by Mark Osteen


Sunday October 30
Coffee service provided by Arabica 8 a.m. to noon in Gund A62. Sessions held in Gund A59.

8:30-9:45 Panel 5: Portraits of the Autist in Poetry and Fiction
Chair: Todd Oakley, Case Western Reserve U.
1. "Poetry and the Language of Autism."
Kristina Chew, St. Peter's C.
2. "Imagination and the Awareness of Self in Autistic Spectrum Poets."
Ilona Roth, Open U.
3. "Alterity and Autism: Mark Haddon's Curious Incident in the Neurological Spectrum."
James Berger, Hofstra U.

10:00-11:15 Panel 6: A Spectrum of Autistic Perspectives: Fresh Voices in Disability Studies
Chair: Ruth Burks, Bentley C.
1. "Mark Haddon's Popularity and Other Curious Incidents in My Life as an Autistic."
Gyasi Burks-Abbott, Cambridge, MA
2. "Poetry, Asperger's Syndrome, and Emotional Literacy: A Poet's Experience."
Lisa Janice Cohen, Newton, MA
3. "Film as a Vehicle for Raising Consciousness among Autistic Peers."
Philip Schwarz, Framingham, MA

11:30-12:15 What We've Learned: Open Discussion and Summary
Moderator: Mark Osteen, Loyola C.


Conference Coordinator
Mark Osteen, Loyola C.

Site Coordinators
Kurt Koenigsberger and Martha Woodmansee, SCE Directors, Case Western Reserve U.

Special thanks to
Nicholas Petzak, SCE Assistant, Case Western Reserve U.
Dawn Richards, Gund School of Law, Case Western Reserve U.


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