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The course: This is the first course of a two semester sequence (MATH 321-322) whose object is to teach mathematical reasoning in the context of analysis in n-dimensional space and which is required for all mathematics majors. It may also be of interest to all "mathematically oriented" undergraduates who wish to achieve a higher degree of understanding of the mathematical tools used in their areas. A parallel objective is to learn to write in "mathematical prose," so in some ways this is a course with a substantial writing component. While the formal prerequisite for the course is only MATH 223 (Multivariate Calculus), students who did not take any proof-oriented math class (such as for example MATH 304 or MATH 307) should consider enrolling in MATH 305 (Introduction to Advanced Mathematics), which is offered this semester in the TuTh 10-11:15AM time slot. To help your you establish whether you are ready, take the self-test that is available on Canvas in the Syllabus area).

The same sequence is offered as MATH 421-422 to graduate students from departments other than Mathematics (additional work counting for up to 10% of the grade may be required, typically an in-class presentation and/or a written report on an approved topic, and attending presentations made by fellow students). See also the Catalog Description.

Material to be covered: Roughly chapters 1 through 8 (the first volume).

Grades and Exams: Your Final Grade in the course will be based on Attendance/Homework/Class Participation (30%), two Midterms (40%; early October and mid-November) and the Final Exam (30%; Wed, Dec 21, 8:30-11AM). The midterm dates and the weights are tentative (the latter will be slightly different for students enrolled in MATH 421). Students with special needs should contact Division of Student Affairs/Disability Resources. Please keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive.

Assigments etc: Regularly updated assignments, exam dates and such will be posted here. There will be also a Canvas site where solutions, supplementary notes and similar documents will be posted.

Peer Tutoring will be most likely available. Undergraduate CWRU students can schedule up to five tutoring appointments per week, free of charge, by following the TutorTrac link on the Student Success Peer Tutoring page. Department-sponsored tutoring will also be at your disposal; details will be posted here and on Canvas when available.

Integrity: It is OK (and indeed encouraged) to discuss homework assignments with fellow students. However, any and all submitted work must be your own. Merely copying someone else's work is unethical, a waste of time, and may be penalized. (This includes copying solutions found on the internet.) Any substantive collaboration and/or usage of sources has to be acknowledged. See CWRU academic integrity policy. Any violation of the policy will be reported to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards.

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