From the President

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:

Typically we take the occasion of our annual report to tell others about the highlights of the previous dozen months.

This time, we’re letting them tell our story.

From The New York Times to National Public Radio, Forbes to Fortune, Case Western Reserve drew notice all over mainstream media this year. The university was even more ubiquitous across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Organizations like Accenture and Microsoft, Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District all applauded innovations like the holographic anatomy curriculum now under development, or the dental school’s efforts to provide well-fitted mouth guards to local student-athletes.

In addition, Professor Peter Shulman’s insights @HistOpinion and Professor Brooke Macnamara’s second look at the 10,000-hour rule drew national interest in the work of our faculty. Meanwhile, Northeast Ohioans took to social media to herald the opening of a new human trafficking law clinic.

You will see how those accomplishments were shared, liked and posted in the pages that follow. You also will learn how viewers responded to the Violins of Hope performance at the opening of The Maltz Performing Arts Center, how Adam Savage was awed by Sears think[box] in the Richey-Mixon Building, and how our partnership with Cleveland Clinic made the Health Education Campus groundbreaking possible.

Best of all, thousands of others did the talking for us.

To them, and to all of the members of our community who inspired them, let me just say thank you—and congratulations.