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President's Letter

To the Case Western Reserve Community:

I look back on the 2018-2019 academic year with a sense of awe.

From the remarkable generosity of our capital campaign’s 60,000 donors... to a Top 10 Medical Breakthrough by a biomedical engineering professor... to the stunning space that is our new Health Education Campus with Cleveland Clinic... we experienced so many moments that exceeded expectations.

These stories feature those examples and several more. The common factor among them all? A willingness to try something new.

It could be attempting what others deem impossible. Reaching outside a specific area of expertise. Or perhaps even collaborating with an unexpected partner.

In short, going beyond what is to achieve something better.

As you will read, the results often surpass our greatest imaginings—which, in turn, inspire us to aim even higher next time.

With great appreciation,

Barbara R. Snyder