About the Board

Case Western Reserve University is governed by the Board of Trustees, who volunteer their time and expertise to sustain the university's physical and financial assets and enhance the long-term welfare of the university.

The trustees also contribute to a Trustee Annual Fund, which is allocated each year to support a designated program such as diversity, athletics, and the library.

The Case Western Reserve University Board of Trustees is comprised of 42 current and 84 emeriti members who dedicate their time, expertise, and resources to governing and advancing the institution. A geographically diverse group comprised of 73% alumni, the board serves on a voluntary basis, meeting three times per year as a full board and intermittently throughout the year through its nine individual committees.

The committees of the board are the Executive; Academic Affairs and Student Life; Audit; Campus Planning; Committee on Trustees and Governance; Compensation; Development and University Relations; Finance; Investment; and Research and Technology Transfer.