Research interests of Case Western Reserve University Cleveland Kidney Center faculty include digital pathology image analysis using machine learning tools, glomerular diseases, diabetic and other chronic kidney diseases, hypertension, acid-base disturbances, genetic epidemiology, health services research, renal transplantation, health disparities research, clinical trials, and basic science focused on epithelial cell biology, solute transport, and tubule physiology.

Many center faculty are members of the NIDDK-funded Kidney Precision Medicine Project and the APOLLO, NEPTUNE and CureGN consortia, all of which use “omics” tools to generate deep molecular phenotypes for discovery of new treatment targets and biomarkers. 

Research projects involve cellular, molecular biological, computational, genetic, genomic and epidemiological methods to study in vitro and animal models and/or patients. Projects by center investigators use health data, culled from electronic health records, and biological samples from patients with kidney diseases in order to generate novel hypotheses, which can then be tested with animal models and cell lines. Members meet weekly to discuss kidney research.

Meet the Team