The Office of Corporate Relations at Case Western Reserve University facilitates connections that move the world forward. Think of them as your matchmaker, bringing together faculty, students and alumni with the corporate and scientific communities. Through collaboration, these developing relationships can influence a region, nation and beyond. These deliberate relationships build upon corresponding strengths that allow purposeful cooperation in recruiting talent, visibility, research, and philanthropic investment.

Humanities@Work Interns

CWRU Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning and Corporate Relations Anne Borchert and Humanites@Work Interns Richard (left) and Cameron (right)

Along with partnerships across the country we have a new partnership right here on campus. The Humanities@Work program out of the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities is working with Career Services and Corporate Relations to find new opportunities in industry for our undergraduate students in the humanities. To test the program - Corporate Relations has hired two student interns to work with us on our marketing efforts. With their analytical, written and verbal strength, in addition to their ability and access to technology these students have been an overwhelming asset to our office. We strongly encourage all of our corporate partners to consider hiring students in the humanities. Their skills from their studies in English, History, Theater, and all other fields not only give them a diverse point of view, but give them insights into very different aspects of the corporate world. If you are interested in a Humanities@Work intern, please contact the program's coordinator at brian.clites@case.edu.