Scholarships & Programs

While the entirety of the Reach Back Raise Up site is dedicated to the raising of funds for different diversity initiatives, centers, and projects, the Funding Opportunities branch is aimed at the most direct impacts your giving can have. Below you will find information about the scholarships, programs, and professorships that through direct giving can best serve to benefit Case Western Reserve University's diverse population.

Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, hands clasped together

Named Scholarships

Scholarships aimed at recognizing and assisting undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have shown dedication to traditionally underrepresented communities can be found at the link below. Giving towards these scholarships directly impacts the lives of students at Case Western Reserve University in the near future.

Photo of people mingling at the Lavender Graduation Ceremony

Diversity Programs

A variety of programs are put on by different offices and centers across the campus aimed at the recognition of underrepresented students in the present as well as those who have changed the landscape of the campus in the past, creating communities for those who are underrepresented, and promoting understanding and acceptance. Giving towards these programs serves to continue their impact while benefiting the campus at large.