About Us

Case Western Reserve University is the premier academic institution in Northeast Ohio, and its division of Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) offers a full array of non-credit and certificate-based programs for working professionals through both open enrollment and customized industry-sponsored courses. We recognize that education for a successful career does not stop upon completion of a degree, but that retaining a competitive edge in one’s current career or transitioning to a new path demands a commitment to lifelong learning. CWRU utilizes the tools of continuing education to advance the broader issues of overall community engagement and regional economic development. Read more on our commitment to this initiative here.

SKILL SEEKERS: Depending on your learning aspirations, CPS provides a wide array of programming to meet your career goals. A variety of boot camps and certificate programs are available to build your digital skills in areas including data analytics, coding, cybersecurity, digital marketing and more.  CPS has expanded program offerings to include digital music production

EMPLOYERS: CPS notably works with some of the largest employers in the region as well as advanced design and manufacturing firms throughout the country to build employee skill sets. Career advancement or transition to new career paths among employees leads to higher productivity and overall job satisfaction - giving your business a competitive edge. Our team is prepared to develop customized educational opportunities to meet your needs as well as offer group discounts on our existing boot camps and certificate programs.

SUBJECT EXPERTS: If you have expertise and would like to teach for us or have a program idea for training programs for marketable skills, we want to hear from you. 

OTHER CWRU PROGRAMS: The Weatherhead School of Management Executive Education program has additional corporate training and career development opportunities. Or visit the CWRU Graduate School of Studies for post-baccalaureate degree programs in more than 90 disciplines.

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