Digital Music Production

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Build your digital music production skills during this six-week Online Foundations of Digital Music Production Course in partnership with Delta Sound Labs. With 180 minutes of real-time instruction per week, Delta Sound Labs will teach you all you need to know about music production and using Ableton Live. Students will receive a license for Ableton Live Intro, a license for Fold - A Distortion Synthesis Audio FX  Plugin, and a license for Stream - A Granular Sampler Audio FX Plugin. Students can continue to use this software after the course has concluded.

Course topics include:

  • Audio Sampling and Editing
  • Mixing and Audio Effects Processing
  • MIDI Sequencing and Songwriting
  • Sound Synthesis

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      Next session dates:
      May 2 - June 3 2022

      Full tuition price: $999

      Each participant gets their own copy of Ableton Live Intro ($99 value), Stream and Fold plugins ($98 value), and 720 minutes of real-time instruction. 

      Meet two of Delta Sound Labs instructors and find out more about the digital music production program in this video

      Check out this video to learn more about the digital music production program.

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