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Design in Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Training

Become a leader in your field and an asset to your company by taking part in the Siegal continuing education program at Case Western Reserve University. In collaboration with Lightweighting Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) and other industry partners, our specialized programming offers you the opportunity to increase your team’s knowledge of lightweight materials and other additive manufacturing technologies.  

No matter your age or career stage, all STEM professionals can benefit from this program. You’ll learn from experienced instructors and your peers in this nationally certified program and leave with the tools necessary to be more confident in your role. 

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand practical uses of additive manufacturing, advanced materials and polymers as applied to lightweighting design challenges
  • Learn to diagnose and solve practical problems using additive manufacturing design approaches
  • Gain a breadth of knowledge in lightweighting technologies used in various industries
  • Gain insights into practical problems through case study analysis
  • Access a complimentary advanced manufacturing assessment in partnership with MAGNET

LIFT Curriculum Development Partners:

CWRU SLLP gratefully acknowledges our LIFT curriculum development partners including ASM International, MAGNET and Granta Design.

For more information, email Monica Dumitriu at or call 216-368-3804  


The Lightweighting certificate courses will be offered on a standalone basis or can be taken together as a package.


LIFT Advanced Materials Design Certificate


2018 Course Dates: October 1, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at ASM International World Headquarters (9639 Kinsman Road, Materials Park, OH 44073-0002)

Instructors: Bob BiancoSujit Das and Mike Heil

  • Learn the fundamentals of materials science and how to improve properties such as strength, stiffness and ductility in a wide array of lightweight material options
  • Understand the use of advanced materials databases (e.g., Granta) and the impact of key market drivers on the selection criteria for critical applications in the transportation industry
  • Demonstrate the concepts introduced in this course through select case studies provided by resources across the country

LIFT Additive Manufacturing Design Certificate


2018 Course Dates: October 2, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at ASM International World Headquarters (9639 Kinsman Road, Materials Park, OH 44073-0002)

Instructors: Sunniva Collins and Dave Pierson

  • Learn where Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies can be applied for design or economic advantage
  • Understand lightweighting AM technologies, trends and applications in various industries
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in lightweighting through case studies analysis with our AM experts

LIFT Polymers Design Certificate


2018 Course Dates: October 10, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Lockheed Martin in Akron, OH

Instructor: Gary Wnek

  • Learn practical uses of polymer characterizations methods and structure-property relationships
  • Understand polymer science, polymer synthesis to properties and polymer processing
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in polymers through case studies analysis in multiple industries

LIFT Polymers, Additive Manufacturing, & Advanced Materials Design Certificates Three-Course Combo

An integrated course module discount of 10% for the full certificate is available for individual participants in all three LIFT courses.

Subsequent trainings planned for December 2018 (TBA).  Other locations will be announced soon. 

Corporate Package discounts available. Companies who bring 3 or more participants to a LIFT course are eligible for a discount at 10% of the course cost. An integrated course module discount of 10% for the full certificate is available for individual participants in all three LIFT courses.

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The Lightweighting Certification includes distinct modules in Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials and Polymers for Lightweighting.  The Professional Certification Program in Lightweighting at CWRU is sponsored in part by CWRU’s partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation and LIFT.  The national certification is in collaboration with LIFT, NC3 and CWRU.‌‌

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