Teaching opportunities are available through a number of courses in the Zhu Research Lab. Learn more about the available courses.

Teaching Activities

EMAC 276 Polymer Properties and Design

This course reviews chemical and physical structures of a wide range of applications for synthetic and natural polymers, and addresses, "Which polymer do we choose for a specific application and why?" We examine the polymer properties, the way that these depend on the chemical and physical structures, and review how they are processed. We aim to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different chemical options and why the actual polymers that are used commercially are the best available in terms of properties, processibility and cost. The requirements include two written assignments and one oral presentation. Prereq: ENGR 145 and EMAC 270.

EMAC 355 Polymer Analysis Laboratory

Experimental techniques in polymer synthesis and characterization. Synthesis by a variety of polymerization mechanisms. Quantitative investigation of polymer structure by spectroscopy, diffraction and microscopy. Molecular weight determination. Physical properties. Prereq: EMAC 276 and (CHEM 290 or CHEM 322).

EMAC 415 Polymers Plus Structure and Morphology

This special topic focuses on polymer structure and morphology and their applications. Topics include solid-state physics of various polymeric materials, ranging from crystalline polymers to liquid crystalline polymers, and block copolymers. First, symmetry operation, space groups, and reciprocal spaces are introduced. Examples of the crystalline structures of industrially important polymers and typical polymer crystalline morphology such as lamellar and spherulitic crystals are discussed. Defects in crystalline polymers are also an important issue that determines their physical properties. Second, typical phase structure and transitions of liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers are introduced, including both thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals. Finally, nanostructure and morphology of block copolymers are discussed. Prereq: EMAC 402 and EMAC 403.