The Faculty Information System (FIS) originated from the Faculty Lifecycle Initiative , which was established in 2012 to provide accurate, accessible, and integrated information about the university’s faculty, from recruitment to retirement. Launched in 2017, the FIS has become Case Western Reserve University’s system of record for information on all faculty, Board-appointed and special, paid and non-paid.

Today, the FIS is utilized by faculty across all schools as well as Physical Education and Athletics. In addition, it is used by other critical administrative areas, including the Office of the Provost, Institutional Research, and the University Registrar.


The FIS standardized the information architecture of the faculty lifecycle by establishing a reporting system which tracks and accumulates institutionally relevant milestones in the faculty lifecycle from initial appointment through reviews, leaves, promotions and tenure, and retirement, and that also records faculty academic activity – teaching, advising, research and scholarly activity, committee assignments, awards, and service to the profession.


The FIS  has improved the flow of information, confirmed the adherence to policies and procedures adopted for members of the faculty, and ensured a common understanding of the university’s strategic objectives.


The FIS joins information from databases and systems around campus (e.g., HCM, , SIS, Financials, SPARTA, and third party systems such as PubMED) to provide the capability of accessing data to meet the planning and reporting needs of the university.

System Objectives 

  • Create a secure, single source hub of faculty data that could serve multiple purposes
  • Streamline annual review, contract, accreditation reporting, and other administrative processes
  • Facilitate faculty collaboration, networking, and outreach
  • Serve as the foundation for an external portal that can showcase faculty accomplishments and encourage outside partnerships
  • Improve data confidentiality, security, and integrity