Faculty Activity Reporting FAQ

General FAQ

A: Faculty Activity Reporting is an enterprise-wide electronic system used to track faculty activities related to teaching, research, scholarship, service, and other areas and to populate annual reviews. It is housed within the Faculty Information System (FIS). Beyond the annual review, the data in My Activities will eventually be used to populate web pages, faculty profiles, and customizable templates for grant proposals and other applications. Ultimately, the information on faculty activities will be used to showcase faculty accomplishments to the world, and to facilitate collaboration, networking, and outreach.
A: The FIS requires login via DUO. To get started with DUO, please visit https://case.edu/utech/duo or contact the help desk at 368-HELP to have someone walk you through the setup process.


A: At this time, you are not permitted to ask someone else to enter activities on your behalf. Logging into FIS requires DUO two-factor authentication, so only you can access your activities and annual review.

A: The FIS includes details related to your faculty appointment, such as rank and tenure status, as well as information about your scholarly activity. The FIS does not include information that would be found in the university's PeopleSoft HCM system, such as Social Security number, benefits, and payroll-related information. Personal information in the FIS is limited and includes date of birth (used to prevent duplicate records), demographic data, degrees, and contact information.

As noted above, the FIS is accessible only through a secure single sign-on portal that requires your CWRU credentials and DUO two-factor authentication. If you are connecting to the FIS from off campus, you must first log in to the university’s VPN.

Access to the FIS is restricted to CWRU faculty and administrative staff who are involved in business processes involving faculty information. Faculty will have access only to their own data. Department chairs and division chiefs will have access to activity data for their departments or divisions, and deans will have access to data for their school or college.

My Details and My Activities FAQ

A: Some sections, like Administration, Appointments, Citizenship, Degrees, and External, are locked and cannot be edited by a faculty member since these are managed by the dean’s offices. To request a change to the information in these sections, please contact your school’s dean’s office or Faculty Affairs office.

A: Contact your school’s dean’s office or Faculty Affairs office to request changes.

A: Advising, mentoring, and teaching activities are automatically imported from the Student Information System. Course evaluations are automatically imported from the CWRU course evaluation system. Grants are automatically imported from Sparta.

A: Click on the arrow next to the title of the publication to add an author or co-author.

A: The FAR uses a character set that contains Latin-based characters found in English, French, German, etc. However, it cannot output some non-Latin characters found in, for example, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, and Urdu, among others. Please make sure to use standard English transliteration where possible.

A: Since the FIS is an enterprise-wide system, the activity sections are universal across all of the schools, so there are some sections that might not apply to your school or discipline. You do not need to add information to these sections unless you choose to do so.

A: Your annual review will note which activities are required.

A: You can add historical activities to the My Activities sections if you wish. Historical activities will become relevant after CV generation is developed in the FIS.

Annual Review FAQ

A: The start and end dates for any activity entered in the Activity section must fall within the content period of your annual review. For example, if your annual review is for the calendar year 2021, the activities you entered must fall between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

A: When you save each section, the data is stored but not submitted. No one will see it but you. You will not be able to edit your FAR after clicking the purple “Release for Review” button. The annual review is tied to your Network ID. Simply return to www.fis.case.edu, and you can reopen your annual review.

A: Yes, the annual review saves responses automatically in each section. Your responses will not be submitted until you click Submit for Final Release.

A: The “Preview” button will create a PDF preview document at any time. (The preview is generated in a new browser window. Your browser's popup and/or ad blocker may prevent the preview window from opening. If you have problems generating a preview, see here.)

A: (1) You will receive an email confirmation that your annual review has been submitted successfully. (2) Your department chair or division chief will also receive an email informing him/her of your submission and will be guided to the FIS website to review your annual review and submit comments. (3) After the department chair or division chief submits comments, you will receive an email informing you of this and asking you to login to FIS to review the comments and submit your FAR for a final time.

A: Contact your department chair or your school’s Faculty Affairs office.

A: Please upload your media to any cloud service approved by the university and paste the link into the relevant text area on the form or upload it in the Upload Attachments section. Google Drive is the best service for this purpose, but Box, Youtube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud are all good choices as well.

A: Each school has specific instructions in that section. Required attachments will be noted in the instructions.