Processes and Principles

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A task of the Faculty Lifecycle Initiative (FLI) was to examine current business processes related to the faculty lifecycle to identify opportunities to improve the flow of information, confirm the adherence to policies and procedures adopted for members of the faculty, and ensure a common understanding of the university’s strategic objectives for this group.

The FLI Committee drafted a set of principles that define the general rules and guidelines for all aspects of the initiative,  reflect a level of consensus among the various elements of the initiative, and form the basis for making future decisions relevant to faculty data.

These principles of the Faculty Lifecycle Initiative apply to all academic units within the university. In order to provide a consistent and measurable level of quality information to decision-makers is for all academic units abide by the principles.The Faculty Lifecycle Initiative system would rapidly be undermined by exclusions, exceptions, and inconsistency is not supported by these principles.

Faculty Lifecycle Initiative Principles (DRAFT)