Fall 2020

Apply for Mentor Fellows Program 

Faculty are invited to apply to participate in the 13th successful Mentor Fellows program that will be conducted during the Spring 2021 semester. This series of seminars is designed to engage faculty in thoughtful discussions with other faculty on mentoring and how to improve the quality of mentoring across the university. Read more about the program here.

Applications are due Wednesday, October 28th.

Weekly Open Writing

We are continuing Weekly Open Writing this fall, in an online format

The Weekly Open Writing program offers accountability and community to support writing productivity. The scheduled sessions are blocks of unstructured, quiet writing time. This fall, the program will continue in an online format
Tuesdays and Fridays | 10:00am - 12:00pm
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We asked those who had participated in Weekly Open Writing during the Fall 2019 semester what they thought about the program. This is what they said:

"I love the dedicated space and the comaraderie. There are few writing groups on campus, and with so few new hires it is a particular challenge for me -- as a junior faculty member -- to find a writing community. This program also helps with my accountability (to myself) by automatically carving out and protecting time each week for writing."

"It provided accountability -- just having a place to go helps. It's easier to schedule in writing time when there is a dedicated place to do it, where I know I won't have interruptions."

"So far I have completed two book chapters and a proposal for my next book, two journal articles (accepted, double-blind-peer-reviewed), and several book reviews. I also occasionally use the time to take notes on new and important research in my sub-field. Thanks again for all that you do to support us!"


Questions can be directed to facdev@case.edu or 216.368.2464. 

To receive updates about this program please email Julia Roberts at jxr537@case.edu. 

For more faculty events throughout the university, please visit community.case.edu and select the event tags "faculty engagement" and "new faculty engagement."

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