Mentoring + Mentor Fellows Program


Mentors are senior faculty who work with junior faculty to facilitate professional and personal growth by sharing information and insights, providing encouragement, and opening doors.

Below are some resources available for download.

Graduate Student Mentoring

CWRU promotes and recognizes good mentoring practices. CWRU's Graduate Student Council (GSC) offers a resource page about mentoring relationships. They have also created a Guidebook for Mentors and Mentees.

There is also a checklist for self-evaluation of the kinds of skills that mentors need to have.

Building a network of mentoring relationships is beneficial for faculty and graduate students alike, and this workbook describes how to create those relationships.

More information on Graduate Student Mentoring

Mentor Fellows

(* indicates that the faculty member has since retired or left the university.)

Department Name Semester
Anthropology Lihong Shi Spring 2021
Art History Catherine Scallen Fall 2010
Art History Elina Gertsman Fall 2017
Biology Mike Benard Fall 2013
Biology Jean Burns Spring 2021
Biology Chris Cullis Spring 2011
Biology Claudia Mizutani Spring 2011
Chemistry Carlos Crespo Spring 2021
Chemistry Clemens Burda Fall 2014
Chemistry Ana Cristina Samia Fall 2014
Chemistry Genevieve Sauve Fall 2010
Chemistry Dan Scherson Fall 2013
Chemistry Blanton Tolbert Fall 2012
Classics Timothy Wutrich Fall 2019
Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences James Van Orman Fall 2018
English Michael Clune Fall 2012
English Kim Emmons Fall 2014
English Kenny Fountain Fall 2011
English Kurt Koenigsberger Fall 2013
English John Orlock Fall 2012
English Gary Stonum* Fall 2011
English Martha Woodmansee Fall 2012
History Renee Sentilles Fall 2010
Geological Sciences Steve Hauck Fall 2013
Mathematics David Gurarie Fall 2011
Modern Languages and Literatures Marie Lathers Fall 2017
Modern Languages and Literatures Susanne Vees-Gulani Fall 2018
Music Georgia Cowart Fall 2012
Music Matthew Garrett Fall 2014
Music Daniel Goldmark Fall 2010
Music Lisa Koops Fall 2010
Music David Rothenberg Fall 2011
Physics Corbin Covault Fall 2013
Physics Xuan Gao Fall 2019
Physics Lydia Kisley Fall 2019
Physics Harsh Mathur Fall 2011
Physics Jie Shan Fall 2011
Psychological Sciences T. J. McCallum* Spring 2011
Psychological Sciences Jim Overholser Spring 2011
Psychological Sciences Amy Przeworski Fall 2018
Sociology Brian Gran Fall 2011
Sociology Sue Hinze Fall 2010
Department Name Semester
Biological Sciences Pushpa Pandiyan Fall 2018
Comprehensive Care Thiago Porto Fall 2019
Periodontics Leanna Palomo Fall 2012

Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine

Milda Chmieliauskaite

Fall 2017
Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine Ivan Stojanov Fall 2017


Department Name Semester
Biomedical Engineering Bolu Ajiboye Fall 2012
Biomedical Engineering Jeffrey Capadona Fall 2011
Biomedical Engineering Miklos Gratzl Fall 2013
Biomedical Engineering Melissa Knothe-Tate* Fall 2011
Biomedical Engineering Erin Lavik* Spring 2011
Biomedical Engineering Andrew Rollins Fall 2011
Biomedical Engineering Nicole Seiberlich Fall 2014
Biomedical Engineering Horst von Recum Fall 2012
Chemical Engineering Dan Lacks Fall 2010
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Mehmet Koyoturk Fall 2014
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Jing Li Fall 2010
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science An Wang Fall 2019
Material Science and Engineering Laura Bruckman Fall 2018
Material Science and Engineering  Ina Martin Spring 2021
Department Name Semester
Law Jacqueline Lipton* Fall 2010


Department Name Semester
Population and Quantitative Health Sciences Abdus Sattar Fall 2012
Population and Quantitative Health Sciences Daniel Tisch Spring 2011
Population and Quantitative Health Sciences Justin Yax Fall 2017
Family Medicine Cheryl Thompson Fall 2012
Genetics Hua Lou Spring 2011
Genetics Helen Salz Fall 2010
Genetics Anne Mathews Fall 2011
Genetics Pete Zimmerman Fall 2013
Microbiology Cathy Carin* Fall 2013
Nutrition Lynn Kam Fall 2014
Nutrition David Lodowski Spring 2021
Pharmacology Marvin Nieman Fall 2018
Pharmacology Amy Wilson-Delfosse Fall 2011
Proteomics Rob Ewing* Fall 2010
Radiology Zhenghong Lee Fall 2014
RNA Center Kristian Baker Fall 2011
RNA Center James Bruzik* Fall 2011
Department Name Semester
MSASS Rob Fischer Fall 2018
MSASS Meeyoung Min Fall 2014
MSASS Sonia Minnes Fall 2013
MSASS Anna Santiago* Spring 2011
MSASS Elizabeth Tracy Fall 2012
MSASS Scott Wilkes Fall 2019
MSASS Zoe Wood Fall 2017
Department Name Semester
Nursing Lisa Damato Fall 2010
Nursing Deborah Dillon Fall 2018
Nursing Carolyn Harmon Still Spring 2021
Nursing Christine Hudak Fall 2011
Nursing Irena Kenneley Fall 2014
Nursing Mary Quinn Griffin Spring 2011
Nursing Evanne Juratovac Fall 2017
Nursing Chris Winkelman Fall 2018
Nursing Amy Zhang Fall 2017
Department Name Semester
Accountancy Tim Fogarty Fall 2010
Design & Innovation Philip Cola Spring 2021
Organizational Behavior Tracey Messer Fall 2017
Organizational Behavior John Paul Stephens Fall 2018

Other Resources

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