Asian Faculty Association (AFA)

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The number of Asian faculty is steadily growing at CWRU. Representing many distinct ethnic and cultural backgrounds, they enrich the university with their diverse perspectives.  Their contributions are a tremendous value to the CWRU and Cleveland communities. 

On the other hand, Asian faculty members also face particular needs and challenges in their career development and growth. This concern was highlighted by a recent CWRU-wide faculty satisfaction survey. The data indicate that Asian faculty holds strong reservations and concerns for career advancement and promotion within CWRU. The Asian Faculty Association (AFA) was formed as an organization for faculty members to help each other and the institution leadership address some of these needs and concerns.


Mission statement

The mission of AFA is to provide a formal networking platform for Asian faculty to foster their growth –personal and professional. The AFA will also serve as the voice to represent and advocate for its members; and to increase the awareness of issues specific to the Asian faculty community.

Executive Committee (2019):

Xiong (Bill) Yu


Civil Engineering,

Man-Sun Sy

Immediate Past President

School of Medicine
Hung-Ying Gao School of Medicine, Biochemistry
Weihong Guo College of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics
Sanja Gupta School of Medicine, Urology
Xiaoxia Li CCF, Molecular Medicine
Guiming Liu School of Medicine, MetroHealth
Shigemi Matsuyama School of Medicine, Pharmacology
Masaru Miyagi School of Medicine, Center for Proteomic and Bioinformatics
Monica Montano School of Medicine, Pharmacology
Jun Qin CCF, Molecular Cardiology
Anna Samia College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry
Michiko Watanabe School of Medicine, Pediatrics, Anatomy, Genetics
Bingcheng Wang School of Medicine, MetroHealth
Rong Xu School of Medicine, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences
Bill Yu School of Engineering
Amy Zhang School of Nursing

Advisory Committee:

Nathan Berger, MD
Charis Eng, MD, PhD
Stan Gerson, MD
Mukesh Jain, MD