Orientation Leader Executive Board

Orientation Executive Board members assist with the planning and implementation of all undergraduate orientation events at CWRU. This includes the selection, training and supervision of orientation leaders. The board member and their team of leaders work together to welcome and reach out to new students and their families and oversee the facilitation of all orientation activities.

Avantika Bhaduri

Major: Medical Anthropology (Pre-Med)
Minor: Spanish
Expected Graduation: May 2022
Involvement: Design for America, Camp Kesem, Peer Tutor, Kappa Alpha Theta
Advice for New Students: "College is a balancing act and also what you make it. Get involved, but also remember to love yourself in the process!" 

Langdon Caldwell

Majors: Psychology and Business Management
Minors: Spanish
Expected Graduation: May 2022
Involvement: Greek Life, Music Ensembles, Esports Club
Advice for New Students: "You will have a lot more free time than you're used to, but without proper time management, you may still find yourself falling behind. It all comes down to creating a routine that works for you, and sticking to it!"

Aylisa Grenald

Majors: Cognitive Science and Psychology (Pre-Med)
Minors: Biology and Chemistry
Expected Graduation: May 2021
Involvement: Language and Cognition Lab Assistant, Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship Multimedia Assistant, Collegiate Connections Peer Tutor
Advice for new students: "It is okay to make mistakes and it's okay to not get perfect grades. Remember that grades don't define you, but your interests, hobbies and passions can." 

Kat Walcott

Major: Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism
Minor: Spanish
Expected Graduation: May 2022
Involvement: CWRU EMS, Springfest
Advice for New Students: "Take it slow. Take time to figure out what you enjoy and what you are interested in. If you don't enjoy something, that's fine! Drop it and move on. Likewise, if you find something you're really passionate about and want to devote time to, find time to do so. It'll pay off."

Kiran Winemiller

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Spanish
Expected Graduation: May 2021
Involvement: Case in Point A Cappella, University Program Board
Advice for New Students: "Push your limits a little bit! Don't just do things that are familiar or that you did in high school. And don't just do things because you think it will look impressive on your resume! A fun organization that you join as a first year student could end up being the highlight of your college career!"