Discover Week Schedule of Events - First Year

Student Arrival Dates

Please make note of these important dates as you make plans to travel to campus:

  • Aug. 17 - 19, 2020: New first-year and transfer student move-in
  • Aug. 17 - 22, 2020: Discover Week, your orientation experience
  • Aug. 24, 2020: First day of class

Discover Week Schedule

During this time, you will meet new friends and get to know current students serving as your orientation leaders. Some days, you might participate in a virtual small-group meeting or workshop over Zoom. If you’re on campus, you might find yourself on a campus resource tour, while social distancing. Each day is a little different, but each day is sure to be fun!

A few reminders about your schedule:

  1. You’ll receive an invitation to join your small group in the Discover Network—check the Aug. 13 FYI newsletter for your personal link if you haven’t joined yet. This is where you’ll connect with your orientation leaders and other new CWRU students and stay up-to-date on events during Discover Week.
  2. Your small group assignment will appear in your list of “recommended communities” to join in the Discover Network.
  3. Your orientation leaders will communicate the details for your group meeting schedule on Aug. 20 and 21.
  4. Your orientation leaders will be your go-to contacts for all Zoom links or in-person meeting locations.