Spring Roadmap

I. Welcome: You're one of us!

To do: Starting October 14

Roadmap number 1

II. Plan: Getting to know CWRU

To do: Starting October 21

Roadmap number 2

III. Live: Your new home

To do: Starting November 4

Roadmap number 3

IV. Learn: Your academic experience takes shape

To do: Starting November 18

roadmap number 4

V. Connect: Joining our community

To do: Starting December 9

Roadmap number 5
  • Handshake information; finding a job on campus
  • Explore CampusGroups

VI. Discover: Your orientation experience

To do: Starting January 5

Roadmap number 6


  • Discover Days are January 5 to 8, 2022

VII. Engage: Your first semester begins!

To do: Starting January 10

Roadmap number 7

As the semester begins, engaging in your new community will be an integral part of your success as a CWRU student. We will be showcasing the many opportunities you will have to get involved, dive deeper into things you learned during Discover Days and continue to form relationships with faculty, staff and new friends.