Spring Roadmap

I. Welcome: You're one of us!

To do: October 17

Roadmap number 1
  • Student Information System (SIS) overview; make sure your preferred name is on your university ID card
  • Send your final high school transcript
  • Send your scores and credit evaluations, if applicable
  • Review our email communications policy
  • Review directory of offices and contact info
  • Complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement
  • Complete the math diagnostic, if applicable
  • Write a letter to your adviser
  • Complete the SAGES self-directed placement inventory
  • Register with Disability Resources, if applicable

II. Plan: Getting to know CWRU

To do: October 24

Roadmap number 2
  • Complete financial aid items, if applicable
  • Meet your team
  • Learn about technology needs for CWRU students
  • Register for Discover Days - both you and your family starting Oct. 31

III. Live: Your new home

To do: November 7

Roadmap number 3
  • Smile! Upload your photo
  • Complete part one of housing survey: Joining the community at CWRU - Nov. 11
  • Get to know Cleveland
  • VIDEO: Get to know RAs; what to know about being a member of our community
  • Learn about My Heath Connect; submit immunization and insurance information
  • Review the University Health and Counseling Services resource module
  • Review campus safety and security information
  • Need parking on campus? Apply for a parking permit
  • Review our Drug Free Schools Notification
  • Review our Tobacco Free Policy
  • Arriving outside the U.S.? Plan for your arrival

IV. Learn: Your academic experience takes shape

To do: November 19

roadmap number 4
  • SIS overview for course registration
  • Course registration opens Nov. 21
  • Review the Academic Integrity Policy
  • VIDEO: Advice from the Academic Integrity Board
  • Diversity 360 overview
  • Connect with your navigator about your courses
  • Review important Title IX information
  • Alcohol & Drug Education modules

V. Connect: Joining our community

Roadmap number 5
  • Register to vote in your new city through Turbo Vote
  • Handshake information; finding a job on campus

VI. Discover: Your orientation experience

Roadmap number 6

Welcome to campus! This is your in-person, fun-filled, make-lots-of-new-friends-and-learn-a-lot  orientation! Our team is working to prepare for your arrival, and the entire campus is excited to see you.

  • View the Discover Days schedule for students
  • Review the Discover Days schedule for parents and families
  • University welcome
  • Participate in programs and activities

VII. Engage: Your first semester begins!

Roadmap number 7

As the semester begins, engaging in your new community will be an integral part of your success as a CWRU student. We will be showcasing the many opportunities you will have to get involved, dive deeper into things you learned during Discover Days and continue to form relationships with faculty, staff and your peers.