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Pierce Hall

map Pierce Hall
Location: southern part of Adelbert campus, west side of Adelbert Road Description: 3-story building of 27,318 net square feet, containing offices, classrooms, labs; attached to Cutler Hall by hallway on east side of building

This property continued in use after 1949. Post-1949 research is not yet completed.

Formal Name
Pierce Hall
Named For
George Pierce, WRC president
Other Names
1930-1931: Pierce-Cutler Hall
1888-1892, 1930-1931: Adelbert Hall
1934: Adelbert Dorm

Constructed ?-1882    

Cost 1882: ca. $45,000 ($177,000-$181,000 for Adelbert Main Building and Pierce Hall)
1881: Gift of $50,000 and part of $30,969.79 from Amasa Stone

1882-? Adelbert College students
  1886-? Case students
  1894-1896 School of Law
  1897-1903 ?
  1904-1916 School of Library Science (south end of 1st and 2nd floors)
  1913 Delta Tau Delta fraternity
  1916?-1918 School of Library Science (south end of 1st and 2nd floors) and School of Applied Social Sciences
  1918 Student Army Training Corps
  1919 Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity
  1919-1923 Zeta Beta Tau fraternity
  1920-1921 Psi Omega fraternity
  1921-1922 Kappa Nu fraternity
  1922-1924 Delta Theta Pi fraternity, Phi Delta Phi fraternity
  1923-1924 Alpha Kappa Upsilon fraternity, Phi Delta Chi fraternity
  1924 Tau Epsilon Rho fraternity
  1925 WRU Geology Dept., School of Library Science, School of Pharmacy
  1926 Phi Delta Gamma fraternity
  1927-1929 ?
  1930-1932+ School of Library Science, WRU Geology Dept. and WRU Chemistry Dept.
  1933 School of Pharmacy, Classics Dept. library
  ?-1943 WRU English Dept., Political Science Dept., Sociology Dept., Speech Dept., WRU Geology and Geography Dept., Pharmacognosy Dept., School of Applied Social Sciences, School of Pharmacy, WRU Chemistry Dept.
  1943-1944 United States Army Air Corps trainees (28th College Training Detachment (Air Crew))
  1945 ?
  1946 School of Architecture, WRU Geology and Geography Dept., WRU English Dept., Speech Dept., Political Science Dept., Sociology Dept., Religion Dept., WRU Chemistry Dept.
  1947-1948 ?
  1949+ School of Architecture
Uses 1882-? Residence
  1894-1912 Academic or administrative
  1913 Residence
  1914-1916 ?
  1916-1918 Academic or administrative
  1918-1926 Residence
  1925-1943 Classes, research, and offices
  1943-1944 Residence
  1946-? Classes, research, and offices

Dedication: 10/26/1882
First WRU men's dormitory

Alterations and Modifications

1925: Unspecified alterations
Charles W. Hopkinson
General Contractor
A. A. Lane Construction Co.

Alterations and Modifications

1930: Remodeled basement and 3rd floor
$27,000 estimated
Operating funds

Alterations and Modifications

1943: Convered classrooms and offices to barracks
$16,301.39 for Pierce Hall and Cutler Hall
Partially financed from United States Army fees

This summary was compiled by staff of the University Archives from sources in the custody of the Archives.