Meet Our Team

  • Portrait of Danny Manor

    Danny Manor, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Department of Nutrition
    School of Medicine
    Associate Professor
    Department of Pharmacology
    School of Medicine
    Molecular Oncology Program
    Case Comprehensive Cancer Center


    Phone: 216.368.6230

  • Image of Stacey Chung.

Stephen Valentino

Nutrition Graduate Student

Michaela Stamper

Nutritional Biochemistry Undergraduate Student

Previous Members

  • Stacey Chung, PhD, Research Associate
  • Shiyi Yin,, Class of 2016
  • Lynn Ulatowski, PhD, Graduate student, Post-doctoral fellow
  • Varsha Thakur, PhD, Research Associate
  • Meghana Gupta, PhD, Graduate Student
  • LiHua Song, PhD, Visiting Scholar
  • Cara Dreussi, Undergraduate
  • Xin (Erica) Shu, Undergraduate
  • Shiyi Yin, Undergraduate (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Evy Hail, Undergraduate
  • Ericka Young, Undergraduate