Tarun Podder, PhD, CEng, DABR, CRE

Department of Radiation Oncology
School of Medicine
Director. Physics Residency Program
Department of Radiation Oncology
School of Medicine
Cancer Imaging Program
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Information

Research Interests

  • IGRT, SBRT, NTCP, TCP, adaptive radiation therapy, image-guided 3D brachytherapy
  • Image-guided robotic systems for radiation therapy and surgery
  • Respiratory and cardiac motion induced motion management for radiation therapy
  • Design, development, and control of medical robotic systems and devices
  • Soft tissue modeling and image-guided percutaneous intervention

Professional Memberships

Chairman of the AAPM Working Group on Robotic Brachytherapy, 2015-present
Member of the AAPM Brachytherapy Subcommittee, 2015-present
Member of the AAPM Task Group 236 on Recommendation for 3D Image-based HDR, 2012-present


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Doctor of Philosophy
Robotics and Automation
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu
Master of Engineering
Robotics (Mechanical Engineering)
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Bachelor of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
University of Calcutta, Calcutta