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Welcoming class of 2018

Psi Os are planing for the welcoming of the upcoming class of 2018. It has been our chapters tradition to organize events to help first years transition into CWRU dental program. First year kit unpacking day, wax and relax as well as a social event are held every year as the new students end their orientation week. We at Psi O, are looking forward to welcoming the class of 2018!

Coat of Arm

The photo of our coat of arms on the left is taken from our Official Organ; the Frater, May 1912 issue.

Psi Os Graduating

Psi Os '14 are some of the finest dentists the class of 2014 had. Clinically orientated practitioners, evidence based scientists, and dear brothers and sisters have left us to continue the legacy of Psi O dentists. Congragulations to them all.

Rob Appel

Riley Clark

Ying-Shein Hwang

Boonyapa Purt

Alan Tang

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Traditional Toast

Here's to Psi Omega! May her strength be, not in numbers, but in the strength and character of her men!"