Learn about CWRU campus resources

Campus resources are essential to your success as a Case Western Reserve University student. Taking advantage of these resources can actually help make college life easier along the way. Our orientation leaders wanted to share some of their favorite resources with you.

  • I am a big fan of the many centers located at Tinkham Veale University Center. The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women in particular is my favorite study spot, snack break area, and just overall a safe space. I know the LGBT Center located on the first floor is the same for many other students, and right next door is the Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, which organizes off-campus programming for free that you can get involved with just by reading your email, signing up, and by having a passion for giving back to the community! - Trisha ‘25, orientation leader
  • One of my favorite campus resources are the Supplemental Instructor (SI) sessions and Peer Tutoring that are available through Academic Support Resources for Students. Both are very helpful in getting questions answered for class. SI sessions are a great way to meet new people and review content for class, and peer tutoring is especially useful if you are unable to make it to professor's office hours or want to review some material in a more in-depth manner. - Samantha ‘26, orientation leader 
  • Veale Recreation and Athletic Center offers a wide variety of resources to use to stay fit and workout while on campus. These are all free to CWRU students: An indoor track, weight room, cardio room, rock climbing wall, basketball courts, swimming pool, and more. - Aaron ‘26, orientation leader
  • My favorite campus resource is the Writing Resource Center. The Writing Resource Center is an essential resource to utilize when you're taking a class in which you are frequently writing papers. Through the center, you can make appointments in order to get professional feedback on your writing, regardless of where you are in the writing process. I've personally found the center to be incredibly helpful when I've created an outline for my essay, but I'm still not sure how to start my paper. - Brianna ‘25, orientation leader
  • University Counseling Services are a great resource. The people there are incredibly friendly and their services are easily accessible. Their services are also free and they can refer you to a long- term therapist, a dietician and more. - Cristiana ‘26, orientation leader