Living and Learning in your new home

On-campus living serves as the foundation of community during your Case Western Reserve University undergraduate experience—more than just a place to rest your head, your residence hall is a place to live and learn, to connect and celebrate, to thrive and grow. The Office of Residence Life works in partnership with our residential students to foster a meaningful experience where you develop and maximize skills that support your transitions into, through, and beyond CWRU. 

Our programs, events and guidance center on helping you to connect with campus resources and to develop the  skills and behaviors necessary for being successful at CWRU. We strive to touch on multiple dimensions of your everyday life—examples include social events, Laundry 101, res hall cooking hacks, understanding college finances, accessing food resources, practicing self-care, and making decisions for your own well-being. You have the opportunity to engage based on your interests. We look forward to what you will discover by exploring campus, making lasting friendships, learning new skills, and developing habits for success both inside and outside the classroom.