Time management and planning your semester

Before you arrive on campus, consider starting a planner or online calendar to maintain your schedule and plan your upcoming semester at CWRU. 

Time management involves much more than putting your courses onto a calendar along with any extracurriculars, events or appointments. Dive deep into your course syllabi and make notes of all your deadlines for assignments and exams. This way, you will notice when multiple assignments are due at the same time, and you can proactively schedule time to study. This is also a great opportunity to make to-do lists and keep yourself organized. 

Once classes begin, find a study buddy. CWRU students truly support each other in and out of the classroom. Whether it is a peer in your class, a mentor or a tutor, we encourage you to seek support from another student. 

Finally, find a great place to study. We asked some current CWRU students and alumni about their favorite spots. We’re giving away their top secret study spots to you:

  • “The lower level of Bingham is not as busy as other spots and there are comfortable chairs and couches.”
  • “The medical library in Ford is never too crowded and has a cool atmosphere.”
  • “The eighth floor of Olin has computer labs with a lot of natural light.”
  • “The second floor of Sears think[box] has a ton of tables, power outlets and prototyping material.”
  • “The dining room or parlor of Guilford House”
  • “The common room in the Office of Multicultural Affairs on the fourth floor of Sears”