New Parent and Family Guide

parent taking a selfie with their student in front of Kelvin Smith Library

The parent and family guide is designed to assist you as you support your student’s transition to Case Western Reserve University. Each section below connects to a block on your student’s Roadmap. The guide below links to various resources, important information and conversation starters with your student. We will continue to update this guide as we prepare for the upcoming semester.

As parents and family members of an incoming CWRU student, we want to welcome you and provide you with information and resources designed to help you and your student succeed during this time of transition. You can see your student’s Roadmap and follow along on their journey and we’ve provided some tips and guidance for you along the way. Students will not have access to everything at once, that is part of the process outlined in the Roadmap.

  • You and your student will receive the Orientation Newsletter each week and throughout the academic year. Look for it in your email inbox every Thursday at 7 p.m. Eastern time.
  • Check in with your student: 
    • Did you get your first Orientation Newsletter?
    • What photo did you choose for your ID?
    • As you look ahead on the Roadmap, do you need help gathering the information you might need to submit?

Your student is now diving into plans for a successful start at CWRU. Right now, your student should be working through the “Plan” block. 

  • Check in with your student: 
    • Do you need help gathering the financial information you need for your Roadmap? 
    • Did you learn anything new, fun or interesting about CWRU?
    • What resources did you learn about?

Whether your student lives on campus or commutes from home, they are part of the CWRU community. This is a place where they can engage in opportunities, form connections with their peers while they learn and grow. This also includes engagement in the surrounding Cleveland community. 

  • Our students love exploring CWRU and Cleveland. You will too!
  • Learn about Wellness and Safety at CWRU 
  • You are invited to take part in the orientation experience and your student can register any family members that will be attending.
  • Check in with your student:
    • Do you need help gathering insurance or immunization information?
    • How is creating your schedule going?

Now is the time when your student will make their course schedule for the upcoming semester. Additionally, through the Roadmap we are diving deeper into learning focused on wellness, academics and more. The orientation process builds learning opportunities on top of one another as your student progresses through the Roadmap. The items and modules during this block will prepare them for success in and out of the classroom.

  • Learn more about how you can support your student academically
  • Check in with your student:
    • Can you tell me about what classes you're planning to take?
    • Have you thought about what activities or practices will help you maintain your health and wellness?
    • Do you have any concerns you want to talk through?

Connecting to the CWRU community as parents and family members of new students is important to us and we’ve designed our resources and programs to maximize those opportunities. As we make our preparations for the upcoming semester, we’ll share information on how you can continue to connect along with your student

Parent and Family Orientation is your opportunity to learn more about CWRU and discover resources designed for you.

Check out the details about Parent and Family Orientation.