Cultural Enrichment Fund: Eligibility, Guidelines & Application

The PACM will use a portion of its budget to supplement the support of university-centered activities, events and development opportunities that promote cultural and ethnic diversity at Case Western Reserve. It is important to note that these funds are set aside to augment other funding sources, not to replace the financial responsibilities and commitments to diversity programming by other units.


All Case Western Reserve University student organizations, faculty, staff, students and academic or administrative departments or units may request funding support from the PACM.

Funding Priorities

Full consideration will be given to requests that contribute to the university’s core diversity strategies by enhancing one or more of the following:

  • Improve the campus climate for all faculty, administrators, staff, and students
  • Expand education on obstacles to achieving diversity
  • Help recruit more faculty, administrators and staff from underrepresented groups
  • Help recruit more students from underrepresented groups
  • Expand and improve mentoring and retention programs for all faculty, administrators,staff, and students


  1. Limited funds are available, so maximum support for any one activity or event will be $500. Exceptions of up to $2,000 maximum will be made for outstanding proposals.
  2. Funds will be awarded based on merits of requests, financial need, and availability of funds.
  3. It is the responsibility of the individual, organization, or department requesting funds to make payment to the program participants.
  4. A separate application must be submitted for each activity.
  5. A second grant request application cannot be submitted during the same academic year for the same activity. However, organizations or individuals may apply for additional grants for different activities throughout the year. We will limit, at our discretion, the number of additional grants awarded to a single individual organization.
  6. The PACM will consider each grant application and will determine which requests will be funded as well as the amount to be awarded. In some instances, a lesser or greater amount than requested may be awarded.
  7. Grant proposals will be reviewed twice a year (at the first regular PACM meeting each semester).
  8. Award recipients are to acknowledge our sponsorship in all event advertisement materials by listing the “President’s Advisory Council on Minorities (PACM)” within its contents.
  9. Grants awarded to individuals, organizations or departments in one fiscal year do not guarantee funding in the subsequent year.
  10. If funding is awarded upfront, requestors are required to document that the activity was held or monies must be refunded to the PACM.


Applications must be made and approved prior to the program date. We request you submit your package 60 days in advance for the most favorable consideration and a minimum of 30 days in advance. Applications that are submitted in a timely fashion are appreciated. Please keep in mind that the PACM has a limited amount of funds and the earlier you submit your application, the better your chances for funding will be.

Applications must be comprehensive, self-explanatory and as accurate as possible. The PACM will be making decisions based on the information provided.

Requests for funding may take any form, but must include:

  • Name of Requestor (individual, organization, department or unit) with contact information (physical campus address, email & phone number)
  • A two-page Executive Summary of the event’s purpose, scope and intended audience description and size
  • Justification – How will this program/event contribute to diversity efforts at Case Western Reserve University
  • Event Specifics (name, date, time & location)
  • Biography/Area of Expertise for Speakers/Performers invited
  • Itemized Expenses
  • The Source and the Amount of internal funding already identified (including contributions from your own organization) and any revenue projected from ticket sales or entry fees.
  • Promotion/Advertisement plans
  • Explanation of immediate need if upfront disbursement is requested.
  • Supplemental Materials - In addition to the application for funding, organizations may submit additional materials to help the PACM evaluate the program. This may include giving us a brief description of your organization, including its historical background and mission statement. If a printed schedule is available, that may be submitted along with any examples of your publicity materials.


  • Except in circumstances of immediate need, all grants are approved on a reimbursement basis.
  • Original receipts attached to a post-event evaluation* should be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the event. Note that requesting reimbursement for the same receipt(s) or portion of a receipt from multiple sources is strictly prohibited.

*Post-event evaluations should provide a brief recap of the event, description of intended outcomes, expected vs. actual attendance, why the event was/wasn’t a success and areas of improvement for future events.